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Rules and Waiver


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Rules of the tour:


Rules have been created to help create a safe experience for everyone. Anyone who violates the rules will have their wristband removed at the discretion of the Tour Director and will be ejected from the Tour. There will be no refunds for people ejected for safety violations. 

  1. All cyclists are expected to follow the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.  Bicycles are considered a vehicle as part of the Act.
  2. Helmets are required for all participants throughout each day of the tour.
  3. Drafting is extremely dangerous, and especially on a trail that will have other users present. This will not be accepted during this ride.
  4. Stopping; please make sure that you signal prior to stopping and move to the right of the trail, and remove your bike from the pathway to allow other people to pass. Also make sure that no one is behind you before you come to a complete stop. When accessing areas off the pathway along the itinerary, please make sure that your bicycle is visible for guides who are sweeping the route.
  5. Passing on the trail; signal with a bell or by calling out to cyclists in front of you that you intend to pass on the left. Conversely when you are notified of someone’s intentions to pass, please move to the right to allow space.
  6. Stay to the right along the trail, this also applies to the sections that are along country roads as part of the trail. For your safety here is a link to the Hwy traffic act as it applies to cyclists (please read and understand). Staying to the right allows oncoming vehicles and cyclists alike the ability to pass safely.
  7. Anyone thought to be endangering the safety of others along the route due to the consumption of alcohol will be ejected from the tour. The bicycle falls under the HWY traffic act and is treated the same way as a motorized vehicle in these circumstances.
  8. Obey posted signs! Cyclists like motor vehicles are required to come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights. Also be aware of railway crossings and potential hazards in wet conditions.
  9. Be considerate of others while on the trail, in campgrounds and in the communities along the route! Be a welcomed guest.
  10. Be safe & enjoy the ride!!! 

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